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The production of jeeps by Mitsubishi motors of Japan started with producing jeeps under licence from Willys corporation USA. Over 30 different Jeep models were produced based on the CJ-3B body style, and built in Japan under licence from Willys from 1953 through 1998.
Mitsubishi Motors announced on 4 June 1998 that it would stop production of Jeep models, 45 years after their commercial debut in Japan. The Tokyo-based automaker produced its last Jeep in August. The decision was made because the vehicles don't meet new environmental and safety standards[1].
The Jeeps were been built with short(J3, J4, J44, J50), medium(J20) and long(J40) wheelbases as well as J30(wagon type) and J20H hard top models, with various gasoline and diesel 4-cylinder engines. The engines that were mainly used include Mitsubishi diesel 4DR5 (Normally aspirated) and 4DR6(turbocharged) engines.
Theses jeeps are known for their sturdy built and for their simple architecture letting owners swap engines easily. Many of these are popular in South east asian countries. Many jeepneys in Phlipines have been modified from theses Mitsubishi Jeeps [2] For a lack of common name theses are called "4DR5 jeeps" as many of theses came with or retro fitted with Mitsubishi 4DR engines.
The gasoline version of these vehicles came factory fitted with Mitsubishi Hurricane engine[3].