Jeep Concept 1
aka Jeep Grand Cherokee (1993), Jeep Concept One, Jeep XJC
Introduction 1989 (Re-introduced as Grand Cherokee on January 7TH, 1992 at the 1992 Detroit North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) at Cobo Hall in Detroit, Michigan)
Class Concept Car
Body Style 4-Door Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)
Length 178.7 inches
Width 69.2 inches
Height 67.3 inches
Wheelbase 105.9 inches
Weight 3,754-3,901 lbs.
Transmission Automatic
Engine '4.0L Power Tech I6 or 5.2L Magnum V8 engines
Power 190-220 horsepower, 220-285 lb. ft. of torque
Similar similar: Chevrolet Tahoe, GMC Yukon, Toyota 4Runner
Designer Larry Shinoda , Adam Clenet , Giorgetto Guiguaro , and Lee Iacocca

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The Concept 1 was a concept vehicle shown in 1989 that eventually (in 1992) formed the basis of the 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The wheel design, grille design, headlamp design (aside from not being tinted like that of the Concept 1), and the basic body shape carried over to the production Grand Cherokee.


Unique AttributesEdit

The Concept 1 had many unique attributes that set it apart from other SUV's in its class. It was the first midsized SUV, whereas almost all SUV's sold at the time of the Concept 1's unveiling were either compact or full-sized. The Concept 1 was also set to replace the Jeep Cherokee at the time of its unveiling, however, the production version Jeep Grand Cherokee ended up replacing the full-sized Jeep Grand Wagoneer for 1993.


Since this was a concept vehicle, there was no criticism for this model.


At the time of introduction, the Concept 1 was only shown in the United States. However, the Grand Cherokee was introduced worldwide with its 1993 introduction.

Design quirks and odditiesEdit

Even though the Concept 1 set a basic mold for the 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee, it still had a few oddities that did not make it onto the Grand Cherokee in 1992. Development of the Concept 1 began in the early 1980s, when the new Jeep Cherokee had just been introduced.

The door handles were shaped like that of the Jeep Cherokee, whereas the door handles on the Concept 1 were shaped like that of the Chrysler minivans of the time period. The central-mounted bumper lamps did not make it onto the production Grand Cherokee. Instead, front grille-mounted fog lamps were added as an available option. Front grille has 8 slots (which was used during the 1993-95 model year). The lower trim and front and rear bumpers were either painted to match the color of the vehicle, or dark gray plastic (which was used with the Laredo trim package). The champagne-colored lower trim and front and rear bumpers did not make it onto the production Grand Cherokee. Lastly, the Concept 1 was based on a platform that was to be shared with the Chrysler minivans of that time period (if the minivan platform was adopted instead of a variation of the XJ platform the Concept 1 project would have been deemed as the ancestor to the modern day crossover). The Grand Cherokee, however, was based on a unibody platform (using integrated frame rails welded to the floorpan) similar to that of the Cherokee of the time period.


Since the Concept 1 was a concept vehicle, it did not win any awards, however, the production version, called the Grand Cherokee won many awards beginning with its 1992 introduction. See Jeep Grand Cherokee for more details on these awards.

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